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About VPRO Tegenlicht

Het Nieuwe Instituut is excited to celebrate 20 years of the futuristic vision of VPRO Tegenlicht! This documentary-style TV programme, from broadcaster VPRO, examines the national and international developments that are shaping our world in the 21st century. The programme's signature is to be present where new ideas are developed, tested and criticised in the worlds of politics, economics, society, technology and science. You can find VPRO Tegenlicht on TV, online, on social media, at local Meet-ups, by listening to its podcast and and reading its weekly newsletter.

With the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund, this exhibition and the installation by Richard Vijgen are part of the larger 20-year celebrations. There will aslo be a VPRO Tegenlicht book designed by Irma Boom featuring newly written essays and international interviews. Together with Sudox, VPRO has also developed the web platform Archive of the Future. Using algorithms for image and person recognition, and speech and text analysis, all VPRO Tegenlicht broadcasts since 2002 have been transformed into a time-coded dataset, which allows users to search the collection for fragments, quotes and even individual shots. The timeline- and theme-based interface allows for cross-referencing and is intended for scholars, teachers, researchers, students, artists, designers and anyone else wanting to explore stories, fragments, images and quotes from the Tegenlicht archive.

20/02 – 26/06

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